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tpa's worldwide global network of premier independent recruiters work cooperatively to serve clients around the world. The international network enables members to better serve clients through extended geographic reach, greater access to industry specialization, and improved operating efficiencies. As a client of the tpa staffing & recruitment agency, you have access to candidates around the world. You can work with a local recruiting partner while benefiting from access to knowledge and manpower sources on six continents.

Founded in 1996, tpa started as an engineering firm, and has since evolved into a recruitment and staffing company. Since 2005 tpa has focused solely on providing the best candidates for our clients around the globe. We strive to expand our usefulness by focusing locally and globally simultaneously.

The new concept was to target the international Staffing & Recruiting market by networking with companies and individual professionals with experience in specific industries and disciplines.

tpa is an independent and a privately owned company. The CEO is Oskar Maas, a seasoned professional Mechanical Engineer with 23 years of layout, design, construction and project management experience in the process and power industries, prior to starting work in recruitment in 1996.

Every partner firm or individual may become a partial owner of the network, giving each member a proprietary interest in your satisfaction.

Global reach is our defining factor. With Partners on six continents, tpa gives clients access to candidates and local knowledge – anywhere in the world. You get the benefit of a local business connection without sacrificing global reach.

Our Headquarters is in Switzerland and our service office for our partners and representative agencies is at our operating office in Germany. Please contact us for any further information, query or objections you may have.

We aim to always be two steps ahead of the crowd. We evolve with your needs.

Please contact us at o.maas@tpa-web.com or Phone +41 798248418