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tpa – Technology Procurement Agency – provides clients with expert engineering professionals for contract and permanent positions worldwide. 

We specialize in placing engineering and skilled technical professionals - either as an entire workforce, project team or single expert - in some of the world’s largest companies in the process, energy and construction industries. We focus on the best in process, design, construction and management, covering all fields for successful EPC contract support. 

Why tpa?

Our approach is what makes us different. We provide integrated recruitment services based on a multinational network of seasoned recruiters, extensive pool of expert candidates, and long-standing contacts with clients worldwide. 

What does this mean for you? This comprehensive network allows for quickly matching the most-qualified candidates with a project on the other side of the globe. We integrate a network of international expert recruiters and over 26,000 candidates from 21 countries to offer the best solutions from a worldwide pool for your local projects. 

tpa was formed by Oskar Maas, a seasoned professional in technical recruitment services.  To learn more about tpa's other business sectors and history, please visit www.tpa-web.com.